Exclusive Signed Numbered Art Prints™

Tim Shay - Women of Dynamite® - Red Sonja/Jennifer Blood/Purgatori®
shay_red_sonja shay_jennifer_blook shay_purgatori

Gary Kezele - Women of Dynamite® - Dejah Thoris/Vampirella/Purgatori®
kezele_dejah_thoris kezele_vampi kezele_purgatori

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Be the first to own these unique limited edition works of art featuring our special 3D raised UV texture. Each image is limited to 100 numbered prints.
Tim Shay and Gary Kezele are the first in the series!
Keep watching Breygent for more Art Prints™ from other great artists!
Tim Shay set of 3 -11x17 Signed Art Prints™ $99.99 USD

Tim Shay single 11x17 Signed Art Print™ $39.99 USD (US only)
Red Sonja
Jennifer Blood

Gary Kezele set of 3 -11x17 Signed Art Prints™ $99.99 USD

Gary Kezele 11x17 Signed Art Print™ $39.99 USD (US only)
Dejah Thoris

Art print set price is North American shipping only

Art print international shipping price is $25.
Please contact sales@breygent for international shipping of multiple
Art Prints.

Unique 3-Card Numbered Sketch Artist Sets™:


David Desbois - American Horror Story: Asylum™

desbois_lang desbois_nun2 desbois_nun3

J.D.Seeber - Women of Dynamite® - Alice/Pantha/Purgatori®
seeber_1 seeber_2 seeber_3

Tony Perna - Chaos® - Chasity/Ernie/Lucifer®
perna_1 perna_2 perna_3

Each 3-Card Exclusive Sketch Artist Set™ is printed with special raised 3D UV on coated stock. Only 100 Numbered sets.

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