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WoD Jurassic Sketch Booklet
Collect the all new series of 12 base cards, as well as the 3 promo cards, small and large Sketch Art Booklets™. Click here to BUY NOW!


Everyone believes they are wrongly committed as the battle between good and evil continues. Does facing your demons scare you? You are not alone. This series challenges you to peer into your dark place. Do you have faith - do you want to?

Bates Motel Promo 2BATES MOTEL - Ever wonder why Norman Bates turned out like he did? A troublesome childhood set the stage long before the
shower scene...

Dexter Seasons 7 and 8DEXTER SEASONS 7 & 8 - Dexter tangles with a Ukrainian mob boss and and a mysterious widow with a green thumb
and colorful past. Both Dexter and Debra are forced to deal with what they have done and, who they have become.

Big Willy Volume 1BIG WILLY GRAPHIC NOVEL - A magnificently illustrated,Big Willy Banner high-octane - eye-popping - mind-blowing - fun-filled - conspiracy-laden - eons-in-the-making - action-adventure tale that shakes the foundation of what a True-Hero must do in times of great peril. Start with Book One and see if you can put it down...


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Dexter Seasons 5 & 6 - AVAILABLE NOW!

Dexter S5&6 set box

$74.99 USD delivered in
North America

Each Set Box Contains:

  • A Complete Set of 72 Base Cards
  • 2 hits (Autograph, Duo Autograph, Costume or
    Prop Cards)
  • 2 of 9 Beyond the Script
    Chase Cards
  • 2 of 9 Quotes Chase Cards
  • 2 of 9 Doomsday Killer
    Chase Cards

Dexter S5&6 Album

Special Offer:
Official Dexter Seasons 5 & 6
Collector's Album

  • 2 unique Promo Cards

$39.99 USD delivered in North America

Grimm Season 2 Collection - AVAILABLE NOW!

Grimm S2 set box

$74.99 USD delivered in
North America

Each Set Box Contains:

  • A Complete Set of 72 Base Cards
  • 2 hits (Autograph, Costume or Duo Autograph Cards)
  • 3 of 15 Illustrated Wesen
    Chase Cards
  • 2 of 9 Exotic Spice &
    Tea Shop Chase Cards
  • 1 of 3 Monroe Halloween
    Chase Cards
  • RARE Sketch Art CardsTM -
    Randomly Inserted

Grimm S2 Mail Ins

Unique Mail-in Offers:
Limited Edition (Numbered 1-100)
3.5” x 5” Costume/Autograph Cards

2 Exclusive Versions:

  • SM (Silas Weir Mitchell)
  • SR (Sasha Roiz)

Please choose the card(s) you would
like to purchase.

$39.99 USD per card,
delivered in North America

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Special Offer:
Official Grimm Season 2
Collector's Album

  • 2 unique Promo Cards

$39.99 USD delivered in North America

Grimm Season 2 Samples:

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Grimm Season 2

Bates Motel Collector Cards - COMING SOON!

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OPTISPEX™ - our exciting new limited edition ACRYLIC collectible - Featuring all your Breygent faves: American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Grimm, Dexter,
Red Sonja, Witchblade and Dawn. Currently available in 4 sizes - Trading Card, 3.5”x5”, 7”x10” and 12”x16”.

JRM Autograph CardTHE TUDORS - The Final Season of King Henry.

DEADWORLD - featuring a post-apocalyptic zombie world! Check out our card series and exclusive hat and
t-shirt collection...

Printed Sheets of 72 Cards - Limited quantities available. Perfect for framing! Features a complete set of 72 cards on one sheet!

American Horror Story Asylum- COMING SOON!

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NSU Best Trading Card Set

GRIMM COLLECTOR CARDS was voted Best Trading Card Set of 2013 in the Non-Sport Update Reader's Choice Poll. We are very proud of this honor and thank everyone who voted for us! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the finalists.

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