Kringle Kards - The Perfect Keepsake!

Collect this all-new series featuring unique interpretations of
Santa Claus by some of the industry’s foremost sketch artists!

Check out some of the spectacular sketches:

Card Card Card

Sketches by Shawn Conn, Erica Hesse and Tim Levandoski

Each Trading Card Size Pack Contains:
2 Sketch Art Cards™, 6 Base Cards and 1 Promo Card
$53 USD shipping included

Each Super Limited 5”x 7” Pack Contains:
1 - 5”x 7” or 2 - 3.5”x 5” Sketch Art Cards™,
1 - 5”x 7” Base Card and 1 - 5”x 7” Promo Card
Only 42 numbered sets of each!

Special Order:
3 - 2.5” X 3.5” packages & 1 - 5” X 7” package -
$210 USD shipping included.


Enjoy Collecting the Complete Series:
Trading Card Series: Sketch Art Cards™, 18 Base Set & 6 Promo Cards
5”x 7” Series: Sketch Art Cards™, 6 Base Set & 6 - Promo Cards -
Limited to 42 sets.


kl5_umemoto lp6_ballard

5”x 7” Sketches by Sanna Umemoto and Mitch Ballard


kr11_allen chris_meeks marcia_dye
Sketches by Kristin Allen, Chris Meeks and Marcia Dye


kr3_hutcheson kr8_webber kr9_west Sketches by Kenneth Hutcheson, George Webber and Kevin West


kr6_maus kr16_kardash kr12_kardash

Sketches by Bill Maus, Stacey Kardash and Anastasia Catris