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Collect the entire set featuring Duo Katie and Micah Autograph Costume Cards, Oren Peli Autograph Cards, Genuine Film Frame Cards and Costume Cards

Each Paranormal Activity Card Package contains 9 cards:

  • 2 Autograph, Costume or Cell Cards
  • 5 regular cards (set of 50)
  • 1 chase card - Portents of Evil (set of 9)
  • 1 chase card- David Desbois Puzzle (set of 9)

Paranormal Activity Autograph & Costume Cards

Collect autographs and costume cards from the movie!
Featuring Katie, Micah and writer/director Oren Peli

Paranormal Autographs

Paranormal Autographs

Paranormal Activity Genuine Film Frame Cards

Paranormal Autographs

Paranormal Activity