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  • Collector's Album with 2 Promo Cards: $29.99
  • Set Box with complete 72 card set: $64.99
    Set box includes: 5 Fighting Yank's War Journal Chase Cards,
    2 Foil Puzzle Chase Cards, 2 Limited Edition Foil Chase Cards,
    2 Sketch Art CardsTM, and randomly inserted Autograph Cards
  • Collector's Album & Set Box Combination: $84.99

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Collector's Album (North America) - $39.99
Set Box (North America) - $64.99
Album / Set Box (North America) - $84.99
Collector's Album (International Order) - $54.99
Set Box (International Order) - $79.99
Album / Set Box (International Order) - $99.99
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Sketch Artists

Jay Liesten
Trev Murphy
John Watson
Rich Molinelli
Mark Pennington
John Czop
Kevin West
Mel Rubi
Adam Cleveland
Veronica O’Connell
John Watson
Colton Worley
Johnny D
Adam Archer
Mel Jay San Juan
Dan Borgonos
Clint Hilinski
Gordon Purcell
Emmanuel Casallos
Jonathan Lau
Ken Haeser