The Wizard of Oz Collector Cards - Series I

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NOW AVAILABLE! Breygent Marketing is pleased to offer this exclusive Wizard of Oz limited edition wooden box featuring 10 packs per wooden display and randomly inserted cards. See Sell Sheet for more details

There are only 2000 numbered boxes available.

This is live and ready to ship NOW. This really nice looking wooden box is a great keepsake to store your set in or to keep simply as a collectible.

Wizard of Oz Collector Binder

Prop Cards Will Include:

Yellow Brick
Lions Hair From The Cowardly Lions Suit
Straw From The Scarecrow

Costume Cards Will Include:

Dorothy's Dress    Very Rare
Wicked Witch's Hat  Very Rare

Cut Signatures Will Include:

Judy Garland
Jack Haley (Tin Man)

Signature Cards Will Include:

Mickey Carroll, Jerry Maren and Karl Slover

The Wizard of Oz Collector Cards are now

There are only 5000 numbered boxes!

We anticipate a sellout before shipping, so please get in your order as soon as possible.

Each case will have 6 black/white or ink and 6 color sketch cards (this is an average of the entire run and not a guarantee).

There will be 4 Munchkin autograph cards per case,

3 Prop cards per case,

7 Foil chase cards per box,

Random cut signatures of Judy Garland and Jack Haley.

There will be a 6 case incentive - a large, beautiful 3” X 5” color sketch card by Cat Staggs or Brian Kong.

JUST ADDED BONUS: There will be a randomly inserted huge 5 x 7 brick prop card (about 1 in every 20 cases). You have to see this beautiful prop card!

The Prop & Costume cards are coming along well and look unbelievable.

Our trading card binder has 2 - 24 point cards special to the binder only.

Any questions – feel free to contact us!

Sketch Art Cards™

Look for Sketch Art Cards™ by these renowned artists:

  • Michael Kraiger
  • Chris Henderson
  • Jessica Hickman
  • Darren Auck
  • Warren Martineck
  • Brian Kong
  • Brian Rosenberger
  • Tom Hodges
  • Cat Staggs
  • Darla Ecklund
  • John Czop
  • Chuck Zsolnai
  • Ray Dillon
  • Brent Engstrom
  • Josh Ross
  • Mark Winters
  • Renae De Liz
  • Rich A. Molinelli
  • Jeff Chandler
  • Kyle Babbitt
Special Judy Autograph Card (3" x 5") -Only 10 Available*
Yellow Brick Road Prop Cards
Six Case Incentive Cards (Large Beautiful 3"x 5" Cards)

Brian Kong


Cat Staggs

Sample Autograph Cards

Mickey Carroll

Karl Slover

Jerry Maren

Sample Cut Signature Cards

130 Available

Special 3" x 5" cards
Only 10 Available*

* Due to size, special random 3" x 5" cards will come in a special holder within a box.

Sample Costume Cards
Sample Sketch Cards

Darrren Auck


Kyle Babbitt

Jeff Chandler

John Czop

Renae De Liz

Ray Dillon

Brent Engstrom

Darla Ecklund

Chris Henderson

Jessica Hickman

Tom Hodges

Brian Kong

Michael Kraiger


Warren Martineck


Rich A. Molinelli

Brian Rosenberger

Joshua Ross

Cat Staggs


Mark Winters

Chuck Zsolnai